Our Trainers, Your Family

Jenni and Sandy have lived in Nevada County for 40 years, combined.  Sandy owned and operated S&S Dog Boarding and Training, a full service boarding and training facility.  She has successfully trained thousands of dogs both privately and in group classes. Sandy passed down the business to Jenni Entz several years ago, and since, Jenni has expanded the training services. Training dogs quickly turned into the most rewarding part of her job! Although Jenni really enjoys caring for her clients dogs, she saw an opportunity to provide Agility, Rally and of course extended Obedience classes at All About Dogs Training Center in Grass Valley, California.

Jenni and Sandy feel strongly about kind and positive reinforcement. They excel in the ability to assess each dog as an individual and listen to their cues which makes Jenni & Sandy stand out as an exceptional trainers.  They both have competition experience with successful results, always emphasising on fun and enjoyment.

Sandy’s favorite class to teach is Agility.  She loves watching her clients, both owner and dog, improve each time they run the course with precision and teamwork and the fun that comes with it!

Jenni enjoys Rally-O because her human clients have as much fun as her dog clients. She also believes in the importance of proper training to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between owner and dog. You will see her working side-by side with dog owners to help them understand their role in their dogs life and why clear communication is key to happy dog ownership.

Come join us at our new premier indoor full service training center.  Our facility is 4000 square feet of heated, air conditioned, and matted flooring for the comfort of you and your dog.  


Jenni Entz, Owner/Trainer


Sandy Self, Trainer


We have been successfully training dogs in Nevada County since 1980.  Our positive, effective and proven system of training is based on a balanced approach of techniques, leadership, and affection.

We have an amazing success rate on addressing common challenges such as leash pulling, jumping up, running away, aggression and many other challenging situations.  We know how to utilize multiple methods and approaches to training your dog. Upon completion of a group or private lesson, you will take with you the necessary skills to continue training your dog at home for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment with your dog.


Basic through advanced Obedience classes

Agility classes for fun or competition

Rally-O classes - Dog and owner team-up in Obedience course

Show handling for Obedience or Conformation

Service Dog training

Problem behavior solutions

Canine Good Citizen, Canine of Good Citizen-Urban, and Canine Good Citizen-Advanced

All training is offered in a group or individual basis and have limited enrollment to ensure personal attention.